About us

The Emergency Services Infrastructure Authority (ESIA) has been established to improve the delivery of emergency services infrastructure in Victoria. ESIA will ensure the efficient, effective, timely and transparent delivery of built infrastructure projects to support emergency services in the critical work they do in protecting our community.

The primary focus of the Authority’s work is infrastructure assets supporting volunteer brigades and units. The new body forms part of the Emergency Services portfolio, however, it is independent of the existing agencies and authorities.

Commencing as part of the first stage of implementation during 2017-18, will be the Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES), Life Saving Victoria (LSV) and Marine Search and Rescue (MSAR). The Authority will focus on the delivery of building facilities (including vessels) for these volunteers, as these assets are crucial to supporting our committed volunteers in serving the community.

ESIA engages specialist staff with building and construction backgrounds, bringing together project management and procurement expertise to ensure that facilities are delivered efficiently and fit-for-purpose, resulting in better supported and connected emergency services.

Modern and appropriate facilities not only support the emergency services in their vital work for all Victorians, but contemporary services help sustain and encourage volunteerism within the community.

Any further inclusion of agencies under the ESIA umbrella will be the subject of extensive consultation with the identified bodies, volunteers and their representatives, as well as staff and the broader community.

ESIA Brochure

ESIA’s purpose

To enhance the safety of all Victorians by ensuring the effective, efficient, timely and transparent delivery of VICSES and LSV built infrastructure projects, and MSAR sector vessels.

ESIA’s functions

ESIA has been established to undertake the following functions:

  • Manage the delivery of high-quality built infrastructure projects on behalf of VICSES, ensuring they are on-time and on-budget.
  • Oversee, guide and support the delivery of LSV built infrastructure projects, to ensure they are on-time and on-budget.
  • Provide project management support to the MSAR Office within Emergency Management Victoria to assist with the on-time and on-budget delivery of new MSAR sector vessels and replacement engines.
  • Ensure transparency in the delivery of VICSES and LSV built infrastructure and MSAR vessels/engines, to both:
    • the Minister for Police and Emergency Services and government; and
    • key stakeholders and the broader Victorian community.
  • Ensure the delivery of all other functions occurs in consultation with local communities and local government, sector organisations, volunteers and employee representatives.
  • Assist in the design and development of infrastructure projects including the acquisition of appropriate land as required.

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