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AVCG St Kilda - New vessel

St Kilda Marina, St Kilda, 3184

In the 2017-18 State Budget, the Victorian Government allocated $600,000 for a new search-and-rescue vessel for the St Kilda Coast Guard.

Situated in the local government area of Port Phillip, the St Kilda Coast Guard plays an important role in the safety of water users in the local area, by responding to marine emergencies and raising community awareness about marine safety.

The St Kilda Coast Guard will receive a new Close Offshore 1 vessel, which is ideal for open water in moderate conditions up to 15 nautical miles from the coast.

The new search-and-rescue vessel will enable the committed and dedicated volunteers to continue to service their local community and assist other emergency service agencies.

The Marine Search and Rescue office within Emergency Management Victoria has been in regular communication with the St Kilda Coast Guard to ensure volunteers are provided with the vessels and equipment they need to keep their local community safe on the water.

Latest news

Current investment $600,000

Victorian Government $600,000

  • In planning
  • In progress
  • Under construction
  • Completed

Completion date 2019

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